The Energy Check is an analysis conducted at your facilities by a Grundfos Energy Optimization Technician and which calculates the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of your existing pumps. The analysis of the collected data determines the energy and cost savings you would receive by switching to more energy efficient Grundfos pumps. A detailed Energy Check report including a life cycle cost analysis and recommendations for optimizing your pumping system is provided to you when the analysis is complete.



• The Energy Check concept improves the environmental profile of your facility and supports you in reducing your energy and water consumption.
• You will know exactly how much you are currently spending on your pumping system and how much you could save with Grundfos.
• Your facility will meet the European design standards for high energy pump systems (EuP).



• INITIAL CONTACT – appointment with consultant

During this meeting, we pre-qualify your facility through a discussion on the current pump types, applications, operational flow, sizes and ages of any existing pumps. This analysis, provides insight into potential areas for improvement.


• DIAGNOSIS - On-Site Inspection

A walkthrough of your premises allows us to document a preliminary list of performance data and installed pumps to pinpoint areas requiring optimization.


• Fulfilment System or Pump Check

A comprehensive Energy Check of your entire system or selected pumps is carried out and a report on potential energy savings is created based on the assessment.


• PROPOSAL quotation

A quotation for an optimized system or pump is prepared based on the Energy Check report and the preliminary data collected at your facility.


• ASSESSMENT Results Presented

The Energy Check report and proposal are presented – you then have the opportunity to select the right pump solution for your system or decide if you wish to conduct a Pump Audit for exact measurements.


• FOLLOW-UP Learnings

We follow up on the service performed to ensure optimal service delivery and satisfactory pump performance.


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