We place importance on service providing a specially equipped room, experienced technicians, up-to-date equipment and testing facilities for any pump type, its maintenance and reparation.

Since 1995, we have set up our own SERVICE devision, specialized in specific products, for the better and faster service of our customers, which have increased significantly due to GRUNDFOS products.

In 1998, GRUNDFOS GREECE officially declared us GRUNDFOS SERVICE PARTNER, acknowledging our serious effort to provide high quality services in order to retain customers' satisfaction of those who had trusted GRUNDFOS.

In 2012, after a strategic decision of GRUNDFOS HELLAS, we recruited all the specialized personnel who had worked until then at GRUNDFOS HELLAS main service devision. Moreover we renewed the equipment specialized for GRUNDFOS pumps and rebuilt our facilities. Furthermore we increased our STOCK of spare parts in unprecedented quantities for Greek data so that we can now operate as GRUNDFOS AUTHORIZED SERVICE PARTNER, covering 100% of the its product program for all application areas (domestic, buildings , Industrial, marine and agricultural), concerning either mechanical or electrical or electronic issues.