Γνήσια Ανταλλακτικά

Our company undertakes the service of your pump and repairs any damage using only genuine spare parts. Aiming for quality and consistency and taking into account your needs, we choose to use the best spare parts to guarantee the proper functioning of your pump.

Preventive Maintenance

Modern life has been optimized by the use of various machines. The coffee maker, the water heater, the car, and the elevator are just a few examples of machines we use daily. However, for these machines to meet human needs safely, they require regular...


Our company is the only one in Greece that has undergone all tests by certification body "Bureau Veritas Certificato" on 31/10/2017 and has successfully obtained the highest score of 89%. A very high score for the whole European Union

Energy Upgrade

PUBLISHED: 05/02/2023
Why is Energy Upgrade important? We all know that the need to increase energy efficiency is the No. 1 objective for the future of both Europe and the planet. Compared to 1990, the increase in consumption of the country's existing buildings has doubled and in some cases…

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